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Drops - Comparison

Drops – Comparison

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Offal /13

Offal /13

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Offal /12

Offal /12

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Offal /11

Offal /11

 by Gianluca Mercadante Eight years – Wotcha mate, how are you? Feels like a lifetime since we last spoke. – A lifetime…? It’s been about eight years. – That’s how old my daughter is. For her, eight years is a lifetime. – But I’m your friend, aren’t I, not your daughter’s. – Er, anyway… what […]

Drops - coincidences

Drops – coincidences

by Katia Ceccarelli It’s seven pm and I have just come home. My shoes are hurting my feet and I have just broken a finger nail. On the kitchen table there’s a bill to be paid, actually I had to pay it today but I forgot it. In the fridge there are some veggies and […]

Drops - Certainty

Drops – Certainty

di Katia Ceccarelli Sitting in front of an ice cream parlour two mothers are talking about their children who, in the meantime, are playing tag around a light pole. – My child is already aware… He is able to distinguish between healthy food and junk food – says one of them, fiercely eating a sage-flavoured […]

Offal /10

Offal /10

 by Gianluca Mercadante Darling&Dear_Aleppo   – Look Darling, wasn’t that lovely of George and Peter? – Is that all there is, Dear? – No, Darling, this is what George and Peter gave us for Christmas. – So what is it, Dear? The embodiment of their liposuction? – Why are you being so bitchy, Darling? I […]

Drops - Small things

Drops – Small things

by Katia Ceccarelli I saw it in a store window before my holidays: what a stunning jacket! It’s ideal to wear in the cool morning air of the city. Not to mention that pearl-grey dress, appropriate to wear for all the occasions when you need a classy outfit. I’ll certainly go to that shop, and, […]

Drops - Fantasies

Drops – Fantasies

by Katia Ceccarelli My best friend has chosen me to be the best man at his wedding. I have to… but I do it just because I care about him, otherwise I wouldn’t put on a suit, I don’t feel like doing it. What is sure, however, is that it won’t be one of those […]

Offal Christmas special 2015

Offal Christmas special 2015

 by Gianluca Mercadante – NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! – Dear! – NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! – Dear!!! For goodness’ sake, what’s happened…?! – I can’t believe it, it can’t be… oh God, it can’t be true!!! – What can’t be true, Dear, am I allowed to know? Before the neighbours get the police to come round, if possible. – Police? Police, […]


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