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Exclusively for our readers here’s the preview of Or Not 6…

Exclusively for our readers here’s the preview of Or Not 6…

For your eyes only: an abstract from the new issue of Or Not, dedicated to Sara Magni.   “Take Candida Höfer’s places and remove the glory, the maniacal perfection of the framing, the powerful staging that explodes thanks to the absence of human presence: take those places and scrunch them up, spoil them and let […]

Gianluca Mercadante interviews Sara Magni

Gianluca Mercadante interviews Sara Magni

Here for you the abstract from the fascinating interview by writer and journalist Gianluca Mercadante with Sara Magni for the issue nr 6 of Or Not…   “I came close to photography and art in general very early , I would say since I was a child. Actually it is quite difficult for me to […]

AHIMSA by Tiziana Pers

Parma (Italy), until 16th June 2013 at the Church of Santa Cristina, the Church of St. Anthony and the Paolo Toschi Institute of Art: organized by arsprima, catalogue edited with texts by Silvia Bottani.

A unique and extraordinary event occurred inside the baroque Church of Santa Cristina: the Sanskrit term AHIMSA, literally meaning ”the avoidance of violence” (this is an important concept related to Hinduism and Buddhism) met Catholicism in its own place of worship. This art installation creates a harmonious dialogue between these distant religions and leads them to converge towards a common focal point: respect for life and otherness.

The concept of contemporary art within the religious system is revolutionized through this encounter: no more illustrat

ion of an assumption, but instead a starting point for new and urgent thinking.

In addition to the AHIMSA installation, the newly inaugurated exhibition was also enhanced with the celebration of the mass in memory of Father Gallo, recently passed away, and dear friend of Father Luciano Scaccaglia, parish priest of Santa Cristina and St. Anthony in Parma and activist for human and animal rights.

Dust, Katia Ceccarelli’s short story inspired by the work of Sara Magni


A small excerpt from Dust, charming tale by Katia Ceccarelli inspired by the artistic creation of Sara Magni, protagonist of Or Not 6.

“Owning plastic is the goal of free time, such a material makes every father, who pays the mortgage for a landfill-view flat, feel better. He is different from those intellectual preppies talking about zero impact. The husband, with pumped muscles, impacts every day and breeds having an impact just because he likes it, except when he is driving his dark and safe car equipped with child seat for his son. Children from satellite boroughs passing you by in the impacting cars of their tattooed father or of their mother wearing hair extensions”.


LOOP 2009
Lambda print
Digital photo collage
and 1 of 5 + p.d.a
254 x 100 cm

The city, the background for Sara Magni’s work

The city, the background for Sara Magni’s work

Article abstract by architect and journalist Rossella Locatelli: she tells us about the city which has become the main scenario for Sara Magni’s work. You can read the entire article on Or Not 6.   Sara Magni’s characters stand out against the boundaries of construction sites and suburbs, horrible stages of what is going to […]