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Or Not 7: the protagonist

Or Not 7: the protagonist

It’s only been a few months since the release of Or Not 6 dedicated to Sara Magni, but our readers are already shaking with excitement at the thought of the next protagonist of Or Not, the monographic magazine of contemporary anomalies, and they are also looking forward to getting a taste of the new issue […]

Love is... /2

Love is… /2


OFFICINA TOM is a workshop of visual arts created in 2010 thanks to an idea of Pietro Mancini and Gilda Cristina Artese. The project has been launched within the Italian Social cooperative called Primo Sole Percorsi, and performed by people with mental health problems who make use of the Community Mental Health Centres based in […]

“Che coss’è l’amor…” (*)

by Cristina Gilda Artese


Could Or Not Magazine avoid exploring the world of comics? Of course not.

I have asked Flavia Barbera, a young comic book illustrator, to reinterpret the characters of Love is… , the comic strip created in the 1970s and published internationally in print, women’s magazines and on cards for sticker album collections.

I have asked her to start from that romantic idea and from the same dreamlike atmosphere (and perhaps a bit naïve too), which succeeded, however, in portraying the world of emotional bonds in couple relationships with grace and sometimes with subtle irony.

Our characters have a very different look and behaviour. Why? Because times have changed and  so we will have the opportunity to describe the evolution of the mores in our society, without provoking or being unnecessarily vulgar, but also without any useless censorship.

The comic characters will no longer be naked silhouettes of a man and a woman: here it will be the everyday life of a couple to be laid bare.

Because Love is


(*) Translator’s note: “Che coss’è l’amor…” is the title of a famous song by Italian singer-songwriter Vinicio Capossela. The words are written according to their pronunciation while singing (and not correctly). The English translation would sound: What is love… ?