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Offal /4

Offal /4

by Gianluca Mercadante   Darling&Dear_QuizClash – Darling, do you know which gynaecologist first discovered that certain… err… intimate diseases could be diagnosed by tasting urine? – For God’s sake, Dear, what kind of question is that?! – Hurry up! Give me a name. – What name…?!! – The time’s running out. – And life is […]

Diary of a small recycling /3

Diary of a small recycling /3

by Giulia Cassano   “Adornment is never anything except a reflection of the heart” (Coco Chanel)   This time I pull the dress out of a box where I keep the garments gathered over time. I bought it at a street market in Milan, perhaps at the fair of Senigallia, one of the most famous […]

Drops - Unsettled states

Drops – Unsettled states

by Katia Ceccarelli I don’t want to seem exaggerated but I can tell there is something more by the way he looks and smiles at me. Well, I know it’s been a long time since I’m alone and perhaps I’m too emotional at this point and yet some signs are unmistakable. He is very kind […]

Wild flowers - Shadows /3

Wild flowers – Shadows /3

Love is... /10

Love is… /10

Drops - Limits

Drops – Limits

by Katia Ceccarelli This is the last time I rush to her place as soon as she calls, but everything has its limits. She has been left on foot, her car is not moving any more — pretty obvious — she has run out of gasoline; she shouldn’t have been allowed to obtain her driver’s […]