Or Not 6 - Sara Magni

Or Not 6 – Sara Magni

Truer than fiction. More authentic than any depicted reality. Witness of life, without any reality’s pretension.

Or Not 6 is dedicated to Sara Magni e her photographs. She is an artist who loves to manipulate reality so as to construct another plane of existence and to give the spectator the perception of finding oneself in the presence of an everyday situation but which is ever so slightly altered and disquieting.

Silvia Bottani tells us about this, describing the artist’s main themes: the contrast between reality and fiction, the dynamism between local and global, the narrative element, which is strongly present so that all the photographs are deliberately evocative and induce the spectator to sew a story onto the characters. Moreover, we cannot miss the Hamlet series, where a multitude of Hamlets and Ophelias are our bewilderment in the face of the depths of loss, ending at a desolate but respectable solitude.

The art of photography is complex nowadays: Almost everybody has got a camera. And yet, not everybody is an artist. In his interview with Sara Magni,  Gianluca Mercadante discloses the fascinating works and research Magni is carrying out in photography. And when it comes to fascination, here we are with a striking and exciting short story by Katia Ceccarelli, Dust of Satellites, dedicated to Sara Magni’s series Spectacular Time.

Finally, Rossella Locatelli helps us discover the urban landscapes photographed by the artist, a series of real epiphany inside our contemporary cities: elusive metropolis, desolated suburbs, places where nothing is innocent.  Sara Magni photographs the ghosts of contemporary cities that raise disturbing questions: What happened? Who lives in the building in the background? Which direction did that woman or that girl take to get there?


P.s. Each single issue is unique as for material, layout, characters, all chosen together with the artist.
In this issue the paper is slick so as to best highlight the colours in Sara’s photographs. The graphics are rigorous and neat, but the reading is fluid thanks to special spots and in-depth analysis, similarly to the best international photography magazines by which the artist got inspired to create her art book.

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