Or Not 8 - Silvia Serenari

Or Not 8 – Silvia Serenari

Esotericism, alchemy, magic and symbols. It is no coincidence that this issue number 8 of Or not is dedicated to Silvia Serenari, an Italian artist whose work is predominantly characterized by the timelessness of her visions; eight is also the infinity symbol, the celestial eight, which becomes “unifying and organizing principle of all levels” of the subdivision of the cosmos in a situation of absolute chaos (quote by Pagliero). The curator of this issue is Alessandro Trabucco: he has been following Serenari’s work for some years, also due to the focus the artist puts on light, in its symbolic and spiritual significance.
This issue is addressed to those who are fascinated by everything concerned with mystery, to those who want to approach the world of esoteric symbolism through contemporary art and through the intermediary of an artist for whom research and investigation represent not only the starting point of his/her work but also an essential part of it.
In order to better understand the atmosphere in the works of Silvia Serenari we asked Laura Pugno, Italian writer and poet who wrote the novel Sirene (Sirens) published in 2007, to write a short story, which the author has emblematically titled ‘S.’.
In this issue you will also find an interview with Silvia Serenari by Gianluca Mercadante.

P.s. Each single issue is unique as for material, layout, characters, all chosen together with the artist. In this issue of 80 pages the graphics were — as usual – jointly curated by the artist and by Chiara Guaita from room225, who has been working with arsprima for some years. An issue offering balance, geometries and magic spells …

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