Climate Change, Art changes

by Abu Lido

Climate change: over the last fifty years it has been the main protagonist by far with life, air, water, earth, human being, plants and animals.
It works throughout the five continents, in every ocean and sea. It is largely caused by emissions that result from the use of coal and petroleum-based fuels during goods and food production and consumption.

The second edition of the Kathmandu International Art Festival (KIAF), titled “Earth | Body | Mind”, took place last year from November 25th till December 21st and was fully dedicated to Climate Change.
Artists from thirty-one countries participated in this exhibition with their artworks, exploring water, earth and fire (sacred elements in many cultures), but also food and biodiversity. Basically they explored the depths of those who had been most dramatically affected by the Climate Change. There is a greater awareness of the existence of “a” nature that has become a graveyard for his and our vital elements.

From the dawn of time humankind has been taking inspiration from the universe to represent Beauty, and the world has always been the perfect stage to exhibit the artworks of its creativity. In the pastall the vital elements were interconnected, being of utmost importance to each other. Due to the Climate Change biodiversity is reduced and the world is disappearing: what will become of the God of Creation?

Women and men are wrapped around trees by means of  plastic films: They are suffocating, there is no freedom. A winged women lies on the ground, lifeless: vital elements are being destroyed. Light fills hollow bodies and scares us as we are losing our eco-geological identity. The black waters of the Brahmaputra river and a frightening sky accompany the human beings’ migration. We need to perpetually wear a mask to breathe: horror! We have all been burned and charred as kitchen matches.

All this was on show at the second Kathmandu International Art Festival, where the artists faced the Climate Change, explored it and processed it with their creativity. They worked to create an event that became culture, because culture is change.

The Climate Change Art couldn’t wait another decade to come.



1. Match Stick Men | Wood, acrylic, gouache and PU | 15-20 square meters – Wolfgang Stiller
2. Melting Identity, the socio-cultural & eco-geological identity threat | Mix media — paraffin wax, fiber glass, ambulance light, traditional clay tub (atal), iron | Variable – Jupiter Pradhan
3. Encapsulated-7 | Shola flowers, Wire mesh, still wire, Glue, Fiber glass, bamboo etc | 6’x10’x3’ fit – Promotesh Das Pulak
4. Requiem | Inkjet Print on Canvas | 130 x 90 cm – Hojat Amani
5. Plastic art | dvd player and video projection +some plastic (nylon) : to show videoart &performance | 5′:28″ – Fereshteh Alamshah
6. Brahmaputra Diary | Photography | Variable – Shahidul Alam

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