A creative garden: promotion

A creative garden: promotion

by Cristina Gilda Artese

What does it mean to promote artists and creative people? Nurture them and make them known, for sure. But it also means to help them grow in their professional skills and give them a further incentive to reach new and more ambitious goals.

First of all we need to understand the professional stage in which an artist is. To some extent it is like when an architect makes an assessment on the state of a property to issue a technical report. Is he/she a young artist? Is he/she already enough skilled? Is he/she renowned? If yes, to which extent? Regional, national, international? Is he/she self-confident? Has he/she got any idea of what he/she wants to get from his/her work? Has he/she got any network of contacts or is he/she a maverick? And so on..

These pieces of information are fundamental in order to plan a growth strategy together with the artist. And it is of utmost importance to be alert and balanced about the real growth possibilities. Some artists are naturally destined for international recognition, others will be better appreciated on a more restricted territory, which doesn’t mean they will be neglected.

As artistic director and “patron” I certainly have my preferences and areas of intervention.
I prefer to work with young and unknown artists because I can detect their potential and help them realize their dreams as much as I can, and make them take off towards new destinations.

When it comes to more prominent artists, whose works I often collect, I’d rather prefer to focus on specific projects and on ideas they present me, or, on the contrary, I try to captivate them into new adventures.

We must enhance creativity so that it becomes a lifestyle, not just what is defined as “Art”. To live with creativity means to open up our mind to new experiences and to look for novelty in our everyday life.

Not everyone can turn creativity into Art. In my experience, though somewhat limited, I optimistically believe that out of 10 potential artists only one will actually succeed.

The market is not the only factor to determine it, despite this is the most spread opinion, as the growth dynamics of a work’s value lead us to think. If the housing and high finance bubble was so disastrous to reverse the entire system, other people and I suspect that the luxury goods and art objects bubble will similarly burst. The empty auction rooms in the last few years are a tangible proof.

Time sets the value: the presence over time, the recognition of their intrinsic value. This is why I often suggest the artists to remain active and to exhibit their works regularly. Their works shall be seen, judged and appreciated – we do hope so – thanks to competent and courageous working.

In every creative garden, flowers and plants shall be given the right amount of care. To fully understand what creativity is. But we’ll talk about this in our next editorial…

Illustration by Ortica

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