Ergot - Marco Mazzoni

Ergot – Marco Mazzoni

The French word Ergot means “cock’s spur”. It’s also the name for a fungus which attacks grasses. It contains a very powerful alkaloid able to trigger severe hallucinations: that same alkaloid that is an active ingredient in LSD.
The Ergot project by Marco Mazzoni is dedicated to everything visionary, combining images and texts in a state of hyper-sensitivity and perceptivity, where senses and vision are not necessarily in a negative way.

A declaration of belonging to nature, a response to a woman’s fear of judgment and condemnation. Ergot is a woman’s diary, a figure halfway between reality and imagination. The texts — small fragments, words, annotations –  are by Cristina Gilda Artese and Silvia Ostuzzi.

Over seven nights, starting from a Saturday, on the night of Shabbat, the woman tells of her being suspended between fear and an impending condemnation for “conduct outside common morals”. She also tells of her desire for self-affirmation and self-determination of her own destiny.

At the publishing project attended also the young goldsmith Sara Orru: taking inspiration from the ancient Sardinian tradition of the so called Kokko (t.i. a pendant protecting children from evil spirits) she created some charm jewelry  specifically for the limited edition of the publication.

In addition to that, the limited edition also includes a little but precious surprise closed in a small sealed envelope: a work by Marco Mazzoni.

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