Flipping through and browsing

Flipping through and browsing

For those who love books, what is written is not the only and most important thing.

Greater attention is often given to how the book looks like, to its paper, its design, its pictures. This is something familiar to those who collect books and publications of any kind and nature, who hang out at libraries and bookshops, who regularly buy magazines and newspapers, who are enthusiastic about art, photograph and illustration books

Owning a book, keeping it in one’s hands, storing it on the shelf of one’s private library are ritualistic pattern of behaviour displayed by those who cannot give up the book in hardcopy, even in the age of digital and virtual web and e-book readers.

Many children love the wonderful three-dimensional pop-up books of fairy tales, or the illustrated books with inserts, games and applications of every kind and type. There are still teens and young adults wasting their time on comic books collection, as well as adults buried by books, fascinated and hypnotized by the precious details of their belongings.

There are people who replace bedside tables with stacks of books, people who stockpile books in every corner of their house, and other people who love book crossing and book swapping at car boot sales. It is really hard to do without them, the idea that sooner or later books can disappear is just frightening, and one of the causes is certainly the severe economic crisis that has also hit the publishing industry.

Yet reading paper books is not the only fascinating experience. Today surfing the web has become an extremely compelling experience as well, with its countless online magazines, blogs and social networks. We browse to get news and information from the internet, to delve deeper into thousands of different subjects and topics, only to satisfy our curiosity, having unlimited access to many different sources. The internet is therefore the core of democratic culture.

Does flipping through pages in a book or magazine just feel like swiping through pages online? Can digital and analogue technology, t.i. two different approaches to knowledge, exist together?

We believe the answer is “yes!” .

This is the reason why we are the publisher of the monographic magazine Or Not, with its contemporary anomalies, illustrated books, artists and catalogues. And for the same reason we have committed ourselves into a new challenge: Or Not Magazine, a cozy landing in the sea of the web, dedicated to those who want to discover, make new experiences and broaden their knowledge.

And here we are, on the web! This way we can flip through and browse together.

P.s. Another important member of our crew is Ortica, our illustrator: she is the one who is going to draw pictures for our editorials, and not only that.


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