Illan Rivière: the tribal elegance

    by Laura Luppi

Discovering a true talent on the dance scene may appear a daunting task, and yet when you happen to meet one you don’t have the slightest doubt. That’s exactly what I thought when, by sheer serendipity, I saw a performance by French dancer Illan Rivière on the web. Excellent technical skills, amazing expressive and theatrical abilities extraordinary body mastery and profound sensitivity to music and emotions that music alone already conveys. But that’s not all. Passion and dedication towards Tribal Fusion Belly Dance have always been flowing through his veins. Tribal Fusion Belly Dance is an offshoot of the  American Tribal Style Belly Dance movement, which began in the early 90’s and is now becoming more and more popular also in Italy. It blends many styles of dance, incorporating Eastern traditional and tribal forms in general (including folkloric and Gypsy dance styles) as well as the latest Western trends (Popping, Hip Hop and contemporary experimentation). Such a mesmerizing blend requires great skills in the use of every muscle in the body, of any possible organ which can be involved to perform controlled and calibrated movements. The rhythm of electronic and new age music marks the time of action when moving and undulating each limb and abdomen separately before an enthusiastic audience mesmerized by this extreme  experience. Illan is an absolute master at Tribal Fusion Dance, which he discovered when he was 11, and since then he has received national awards and recognitions, which have led to later collaborations with major international choreographers and dancers. He started as a self-taught dancer, typical of the artistic genius, and since then he has been having an intense career thanks to his awareness and eagerness to always discover more to keep on growing. This is a clear evidence of his innate aptitude for nonverbal communication which manifests itself through the elegant movements of this complex and emotional art. With the help of some gothic atmospheres and sophisticated costumes with a strong ethnic touch – mystical and mysterious – Illan Rivière urges us to let ourselves be guided towards distant places and times. With the ancestral refinement of a Greek ephebus he undoubtedly manages to take us into a magical world, which we already lived in or perhaps dreamt of, hidden or just beneath our own world.


Photo credits:
Illan Rivière

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