Laura Luppi

On the occasion of the International Dance Day Or Not Magazine presents the full version of “Solo”, a movie by Gaia Giani dedicated to the choreographic work of Françoise and Dominique Dupuy. A journey through the movement, the listening and the search for the gesture; a fascinating journey into the experience and dedication of two artists partners in life and work, like a perpetual motion or a performance without border lines between reality and its representation on the stage. “Solo” took part in the Filmmaker Festival 2015 competition, and on that occasion we published an interview with Gaia Giani as we wanted to know how she had developed this project, which were the dynamics during the filming and production, and how dance can be fully recognized among the contemporary arts disciplines also in relation to video art. Would you like to know the answers to these questions? Read the full article on OR NOT MAGAZINE.

trailer_SOLO_L from Or Not Magazine on Vimeo.

Credits: “Still Frame from Solo” by Gaia Giani

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