Nautical Handbook - Arianna Carossa

Nautical Handbook – Arianna Carossa

Between Genoa and New York there is an impetuous artistic ocean named Arianna Canossa: she is a whole sea to be crossed, a journey to be faced with a nautical guide in your hands, in order not to get lost, so as to sail with the same route, surfing the various artist’s waves.

Nautical Handbook, “unidentified object of art”, written in English, is available in Italy and in USA on Amazon or IBS. A boat trip into the surrealist and conceptual origin of Arianna Carossa, that reaches the oceanic depths of her multidisciplinary work, arriving to her artistic view, in love with modern art objects now lost in the oblivion of disuse, or bewitched by mathematical diagrams and esoteric symbols making up a mysterious and magnetic cartography.

Nautical Handbook is an opportunity to discover an astonishing artist of international scope.

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