Or Not 7 – Enrico Pantani

Or Not 7 – Enrico Pantani

There are two key words that run through this historic period like a common thread: madness and neurosis. The first one occurs in humans who cannot adapt to the world they live in, the second is suffering, behavioural disorders dictated by instincts and crashed dreams.

Enrico Pantani is a fool who paints neurotics. Or Not 7 is dedicated to him. He is an artist who bewitches the crowd with his colours and his exceptional and peculiar characters. In this issue, edited by Giovanni Cervi, you can find an interview with Enrico Pantani, his drawings spread out over the pages, a romantic and cynical graphic novel about Christmas, the songs and books that have changed his life as well as the portraits of the special guests involved.

Starting with Marco Galli from Montichiari (in the Italian Province of Brescia), creator of abrasive comic strips, continuing with Fabrizio Tavernelli, musician and writer from Correggio, a misty village in the Province of Reggio Emilia, up to Gianluca Mercadante who writes about death, because – sooner or later – it all ends. And it can only end with a funeral…

And finally, lo and behold: Enrico Pantani also produces animations. Discover it by simply using our Or Not 7 magazine as a flipbook.

P.s. Each single issue is unique as for material, layout, characters, all chosen together with the artist. In this 80-page issue, full of coloured madness, the graphics were meticulously supervised by the artist himself together with Chiara Guaita from room225, the communication design company that has been working with arsprima for many years. Just think about it: even this issue’s ads were designed by the artist!

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