Or Not 5 - Alessandro Giordani

Or Not 5 – Alessandro Giordani

Are we islands or human beings? So near to each other, and yet so far.. Is our loneliness so thick and real?

Or Not 5 is dedicated to Alessandro Giordani, in whose work superficiality of relationships and loneliness have taken centre stage and through which he expresses his social criticism.

Carolina Lio takes us into a fascinating exegesis of his art. Life and reality run on two parallel tracks: the first one is physical reality, on paper. The second one is existential reality coming alive on glass or plexiglass : from material to protect the work to work of art itself.

The black-and-white portraits speak of human beings folded up. They move as if on a stage, where the set design is the background to contemporary loneliness : ”it is not the lack of people but rather the lack of bonds with things, persons, ideas.”   To use the words of Zygmunt Bauman, the awkwardness is fluid. Unstable and fragile. And yet, as Valter Binaghi writes, Alessandro Giordani creates something very romantic…

To end our journey, an evocative text by Marco Fantini and a special insert called Life in the Butcher’s dedicated to a series of works by Tiziana Pers aimed at saving animals from butchery. A symbolic act to raise common people’s awareness about meat consumption and animal life. This is Or Not magazine too.


P.s. Each single issue is unique as for material, layout, characters, all chosen together with the artist.
In this issue the paper is glossy, to remind us about the panes of glass and plexiglass that characterize the works of Alessandro Giordani. Layout and characters are clean and linear but with tiny decorative graphic details.


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