Or Not 4 - Emanuela Bartolotti

Or Not 4 – Emanuela Bartolotti

To be an artist. Is it a human condition or a lifestyle choice?

Or Not 4 is dedicated to Emanuela Bartolotti, set designer, photographer, but above all a woman to whom doing art is the essential meaning of her own life.

As Nila Shabnam Bonetti puts it, there is an unbreakable bond between art and life: human beings and fairy tales come to life outside the photography studio, in a continuous movement between dream and reality. The fable becomes a therapy which allows us to interpret reality; constantly looking for the centre of our life and for some reference points that can help us not to get lost in the wood of the unknown.
Emanuela Bartolotti’s fairy universe emerges from the interview by Ivan Quaroni, dotted with existential paths where dolls come to life and learn symbols and signs of the adult language.
As Diana Piemari Cereda underlines: the dress, regal and evanescent at the same time, becomes the heart of the artist’s quest.

Poetry in images, images in poetry: with this tagline Giovanna Furio describes Emanuela Bartolotti’s pictures. It’s high time to dress our most beautiful doll and start living in a fairy tale world.


P.s. Each single issue is unique as for material, layout, characters, all chosen together with the artist.
In this issue the paper is opaque, to remind us about Emanuela’s prints on cotton paper, but also her paper mache (or chewed paper) ideas and works. Full page images and paper mache models of the big sculpture let us dive in her dreamy world…

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