Or Not 2 - Giuliano Sale

Or Not 2 – Giuliano Sale

What do Joy Division, small bodies, giant heads and portraits that are entire universes have in common? To us, everything. Or nearly.

The second issue of Or Not is dedicated to Giuliano Sale, a painter who uses music as an additional brush to paint strong dark portraits (and not only). Although the atmosphere becomes dimmer, Beauty doesn’t vanish.

His artistic value emerges from the interview by Ivan Quaroni, starting from his super-deformed characters till the rational unreality, an alert but at the same time visionary concept of the contemporary world. Such an alienation is well described in the following exegesis by Franz Krauspenhaar.

Music is an essential part of Giuliano Sale’s works: Barbara Bocedi narrates how music turns to black by mentioning, among others, The Cure, Joy Division, Nick Cave. Elena Fiume tells us about art as the only way to learn. To build one’s own identity, to master the senses.

Finally Silvia Ostuzzi unveils the sky above Frankfurt, after having posed an intriguing question: when a portrait is being painted, who captures whom? Happy reading…

P.s. Each single issue is unique as for material, layout, characters, all chosen together with the artist.
In this issue the paper is glossy, to highlight Giuliano Sale’s painting, and the graphic design is austere in full Victorian style.

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