Or Not 3 - Silvia Meis

Or Not 3 – Silvia Meis

“The forms of Nature are always perfect, whatever they look like in their slow process of creation.”

Or Not 3 is dedicated to Silvia Meis and her sculptures. A three-dimensional, never prosaic report about the perpetual and sinuous metamorphosis of Nature, that weaves together History with Mythology, Life with Death. In Alessandro Trabucco’s words we find the asymmetric balance of forms, which can wrap themselves and what’s around to reach a perfect harmony.

Living chrysalises , hearts of light, shadows and rays trading places: Tiziano Scarpa digs deeper into the work of Silvia Meis. She is like Giovanni Cervi, in whose opinion his characters share many themes with the creatures in Ridley Scott’s Alien: primordial beings, Nature that exists and will always exist, apart from the human being.

In this issue there are also two fascinating photographic reportage by Antonio De Luca e Danilo Pasquali about the event Sentimento Nuevo (New feeling), an exhibition at the Nur Gallery in Milan entirely dedicated to the two artists, Florenìcia Martinez and Angelo Di Dedda, which took place in 2010 on Valentine’s day.

Last but not least, let’s have a look at Found Object, an atypical collective exhibition, which, according to the exhibition designers  Cristina Gilda Artese and Annalisa Rosso, should be more similar to a lab where everybody can freely make use of the ideas on show. Only on this Or Not issue nr. 3.


P.s. Each single issue is unique as for material, layout, characters, all chosen together with the artist.
This issue deals extensively with images and preparatory sketches by Silvia Meis, who also carried out a large amount of the graphic design.

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