Or Not 1 - Silvia Argiolas

Or Not 1 – Silvia Argiolas

In the beginning was the Word, and then Or not has come.

The first issue is dedicated to Silvia Argiolas, a painter who has her roots in the “Californian Pop Surrealism, in the new Italian Gothic visual culture and in the contemporary oriental depiction”.

We take a deeper look into her artistic path thanks to the interview by Ivan Quaroni, followed by a wider reflection on her adolescence — which plays a central role in the works of Silvia Argiolas — by Roberto Ostuzzi and Silvia Ostuzzi.

You will also find an excursus on the charitable activities of arsprima, BNL (the Italian National Labour Bank) and Telethon (an Italian fundraising event), which took place in the sumptuous setting of Palazzo Cusani in Milan, as well as an ironic horoscope, where some immortal artist had fun playing with the stars in the sky….

P.s. Each single issue is unique as for material, layout, characters, all chosen together with the artist.
In this issue the paper is opaque, to remind the one used for comics, and its pages are full of sketches by Silvia Argiolas with some repeated graphical details resembling rabbit page markers.

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