The muse living next to you: Creativity

by Cristina Gilda Artese

There are no age limits to live with creativity: you begin as a child and go on for the rest of your life. Creativity lives next to us, it is with us in all our gestures and everyday activities.

Some people choose to live their life following the herd, some others decide to set the course of their life, even if they must change it to adapt to events. This is a way of being based on the free will: it starts from thought and turns to action. A way of being that works on the shape of the containers and on the contents of our actions.

And without giving you too much of a tirade against nonconformity, we simply want to give you an incentive to be independent when making your choices, without being conditioned – or even worse – governed by devilish fascinations.

Those who are unfashionable should be in fashion, that’s the way it should be!

Freedom is to be creator of our own personal trend.

Creativity shows itself to us as an inspiring muse, a sorceress-witch that sometimes causes us a subtle pain, but more often makes us proud of our existence: from the smallest everyday gesture to the most important one which may revolutionise our life or even other people’s lives.  It may be the creation of an operating system at work, a brilliant idea for a scientific invention, a radical change in an aesthetic standard or even a distortion in a sensory perception.

Creativity always appears to us — more or less consciously — disguised as an inspiring moment, or as our alter ego after some poignant ataraxic days; sometimes in the prologue to a strong psycho emotional yearning, other times as the epilogue of a radiant transformation.

It is not important to measure the social or ethical value of what we have designed, but how much our thought, gesture, or some related actions succeeded in positively turning the static order of things on its head.

Creativity is dynamism, is transformation.

Creativity is enlightenment.

Creativity is nourishment.

Creativity is everything we should need for a new era.

Illustration by Ortica

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