Or Not 7: the protagonist

Or Not 7: the protagonist

It’s only been a few months since the release of Or Not 6 dedicated to Sara Magni, but our readers are already shaking with excitement at the thought of the next protagonist of Or Not, the monographic magazine of contemporary anomalies, and they are also looking forward to getting a taste of the new issue which is going to be previewed in Milan very soon.

And here we are! Enrico Pantani is our next protagonist. Born in 1975, he graduated in Literature and Philosophy in Florence with a doctoral thesis on the History of French theatre. He lives in Pomarance, in the Province of Pisa (Tuscany).

In the issue number 7 of our magazine we talk about province, madness and funerals. You may wonder what is all this about. You will find it out in the upcoming preview in the Backstage section.

Meanwhile have a look at Enrico’s portrait and the magazine cover of the all-beautiful and colourful issue dedicated to his work.

Ph. Carlo Gattai

Enrico Pantani

Or Not 7 cover

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  1. […] unique opportunity to literally touch the new magazine published by arsprima and know more about Enrico Pantani. Here are some pictures of the evening and some very interesting exchanges between Cristina Gilda […]

  2. […] For the associates and donors of Phoresta, arsprima has involved artists who share its mission and philosophy, getting them to create works of art specific to the cause. The second artist to join the initiative, after the argentine Florencia Martinez who partecipated in 2013, is Enrico Pantani, the protagonist of Or Not 7. […]

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