Or Not 7: The main curator

Or Not 7: The main curator

Giovanni Cervi - Or Not 7 main curator Giovanni Cervi - Or Not 7 main curatorWho is the main curator of Or Not and what is his/her responsibility?

He/she is the one who supports the protagonist of each monograph in selecting texts, contents and images to be published.

Our artistic director has appointed Giovanni Cervi  as main curator for our Or Not issue number 7 dedicated to Enrico Pantani.

Giovanni doesn’t like putting the label of “curator” or “critic” on himself, in the traditional sense of the word. And quite rightly, too!

Science fiction fan, concerned with all the new trends, he gets a whiff of originality like a dog that hunts for truffles. He is a natural born networker, able to connect people from all over the world.

He has worked for many years with the Pig Magazine and was one of the curators of BLOOM Artfair, the exhibition of creativity which took place in Cologne, Germany, between 2010 and 2011.

Now he is also contributing to our magazine as a member of our editorial staff  and he has some very exciting surprises for our readers.

Internationally-minded, always looking further ahead into the future, he chose to live in the quiet province, in Parma, when he is not travelling around the world….


Picture: Kristina Bychkova

Giovanni Cervi - Or Not 7 main curator

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