Enrico Pantani dedicates a series of 20 works to the Phoresta Onlus cause

Enrico Pantani dedicates a series of 20 works to the Phoresta Onlus cause

PHORESTA Onlus is a non-profit and non-governmental founded by Italian professionals with the aims of promoting the management and sustainable conservation of forest resources and planning activities of reforestation, in cooperation with local communities who benefit in the long-term as a result.

Phoresta’s objectives are: to organise and manage reforestation, forestry and conservation projects,; to promote environmental education oriented towards sustainable development, with particular emphasis on problems related to climate change and greenhouse gas emissions.

Phoresta also works in the area of contemporary art, supporting and promoting artístic and creative initiatives in order to deepen the relationship between man and his environment, habitat and ecosystem.

Artists in particular, who express themselves through external installations, creating forms referring to so-called land art, eco art and recycled art, whose projects are manifestations of wishes and aspirations of contributing and supporting nature and not of deprivation or impoverishment in a purely anthropocentric viewpoint.
And now for the collaboration with arsprima.

For the associates and donors of Phoresta, arsprima has involved artists who share its mission and philosophy, getting them to create works of art specific to the cause.
The second artist to join the initiative, after the argentine Florencia Martinez who partecipated in 2013, is Enrico Pantani, the protagonist of Or Not 7.

For more information write to: arsprima@gmail.com

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