Short stories, sweet and sour

Short stories, sweet and sour

Interdisciplinarity. That’s a difficult word to pronounce but with a deep meaning which we love so much.
This word represents us and, at the same time, it marks the path we want to follow in our investigation of contemporary anomalies.

Art, photography, painting, video, illustrations, cartoons, recited and written words…. We like to explore the fields of knowledge and the Arts: our magazine wouldn’t be complete without the written word, the stories about life and reality. After all there have always been short stories to accompany each artist’s work in our monographic magazine Or Not.

Here is a brand new section to our BACKSTAGE dedicated to short stories, sweet and sour.

You are about to read some pieces of writing by distinguished writers: Katia Ceccarelli with her hot and cold, sweet or salty Drops, through which we can look at the changing world. And Offal by Gianluca Mercadante: dialogues and clips of characters and situations, remains of decontextualized words that will get more than one smile out of you.

We can but hope that you enjoy reading it

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  1. KatiaC says:

    I’m very proud of being here.

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