MIA FAIR Milan - Silvia Serenari

MIA FAIR Milan – Silvia Serenari

The international photography art fair MIA (Milan Image Art Fair) is taking place in Milan at Superstudio più  (Via Tortona, 27) from 23rd to 25th May 2014, under the artistic direction of Fabio Castelli, who was also the creator and founder.

It is an unmissable opportunity to learn the latest trends in photographic research and see the works of some of the best photographers on the national and international market.

Its unique format proposing one booth and catalogue for each artist adds value in terms of elegance and neatness of the scene and helps the visitors better understand the artists on show.

arsprima is in Hall 4 Booth 9  presenting the solo exhibition dedicated to the artist Silvia Serenari and her latest photographic series Anima Maris, Mater Universi that consists of two parts: Aurora Consurgens e Iter ad Lucem.

Silvia Serenari - Or not 8
Aurora Consurgens 7, 2014, 20 x 20 fotoceramica

Silvia Serenari - Or not 8
Aurora Consurgens 3, 2014, 20 x 20 fotoceramica

Aurora consurgens is also the title of Serenari’s last video, a highly hypnotic one, which is going to be presented on this occasion, too.

Serenari has been experimenting also in the field of video art for several years now and she was one of the guests of the art exhibition Thirteen light movies, organized by arsprima in 2012 and curated by Alessandro Trabucco.

This will be an opportunity for the readers of the monographic magazine on contemporary anomalies Or not and for those who still don’t know our magazine to receive an exclusive preview and free copy of Or not 8, entirely dedicated to Silvia Serenari.

In Or not 8 you will find an articulate critique by Alessandro Trabucco who describes the evolution of the artist’s poetics through the most important passages of her research until her last works, as well as an interview given by Serenari to Gianluca Mercandate and an evocative story by writer and poet Laura Pugno, freely inspired by Silvia Serenari‘s photographs.

«Visions of the soul and not of the heart and mind» this is the quote from Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179) with which this issue dedicated to Silvia Serenari begins. Come and visit us and you’ll be able to understand the meaning of it.

 Or Not 8






Photo credits:
Silvia Serenari

Graphic design of Or not 8: Room225 – Chiara Guaita

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