LIGHT LINE_station one. Pietro Broggini_Idroscalo

LIGHT LINE_station one. Pietro Broggini_Idroscalo

LIGHT LINE_ the line of light: a path of contemporary art to explore the Parco Sud (South Park) in Milan
Beginning on July the 12th with a solo exhibition of Pietro Broggini, the artist who died prematurely in June 2013, the exhibition’s path dedicated to light presents a number of exponents of Italian and international contemporary art whose work focuses on light.
This is LIGHT LINE, a visionary surface train line with various stops leaving from the Idroscalo (*), passing through some of the most significant locations of the Parco Sud (South Park) and arriving at the prestigious and spellbinding Biblioteca Ambrosiana (Ambrosiana Library) in the center of Milan, that – perhaps not everyone knows – was built at the intersection of Decumanus Maximus and Cardo Maximus, the two central roads in the ancient Roman city Mediolanum.
The project involves the collaboration of arsprima with the Province of Milan, Idroscalo and Parco Sud (South Park).
arsprima has been focusing on the theme of light for quite a long time also thanks to the support of the critic and curator Alessandro Trabucco, with whom arsprima organised and promoted the video art festival Thirteen light movies between 2011 and 2012, and who now looks after a part of Or not magazine‘s dedicated section Light together with Sarah Corona.
Also some other curators of our staff participate in the organizational activities of each single exhibition, being involved in the research work on light and nature, two central features for Or not magazine which offers its e-readers some valuable insights into these two themes through the dedicated sections.
Project coordination and art direction are by Cristina Gilda Artese.

Pietro Broggini - Or Not Magazine

Pietro Broggini, Unbenanntes_Panorama 1, 2008, 40×40 cm.

Pietro Broggini - Or Not Magazine

Pietro Broggini, Unbenanntes_Panorama 2, 2008, 40×40 cm. Pietro Broggini - Or Not Magazine

Pietro Broggini, s.t.1, 2008, 80×80 cm

The first stop is station one_Idroscalo; it is possible to visit the exhibition at the Sala Azzurra (Blue Room) starting from July, the 12th till September, 14th 2014, Saturdays and Sundays from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m.
On September the 14th the project will be officially presented at the Idroscalo in the presence of Representatives of the Institutions and the professionals involved in the achievement of LIGHT LINE.


(*) Translator’s note: the IDROSCALO is an artificial lake in Milan, Italy, originally constructed as a seaplane airport and now owned by the Province of Milan which has transformed it into a park.

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