Drops - Ambitions

Drops – Ambitions

by Katia Ceccarelli

– Don’t worry I don’t want to fool your sister. She differs from all the others. I really do like her and this time I know it’s gonna be something serious, but you are my friend and you have to help me. Actually I would like to understand what she wants, what could impress her. I’d like to buy a valuable gift for her, a branded scarf in a limited edition, how about it?

– Who knows?

– In that case I can take her out for dinner in one of those fusion restaurants, not the usual “cheese and pepper”, if you get my meaning. Or a dozen red roses, just to let her know how much I care about her.

– And what about your old girl? Are you still in touch with her?

– Of course I am not. It’s a finished relationship, buried. Since I met your sister I realized I had it all wrong. I need a different kind of woman, with ambition, one that doesn’t wait for Prince Charming … And what about a relaxing weekend in a Spa?

– You definitely have no experience with women with ambition

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