Drops - Appointments

Drops – Appointments

by Katia Ceccarelli

It’s about to rain and, as if this wasn’t enough, I am in a bad mood.
As soon as I get to the office I find out that my first appointment has been cancelled and I feel like today’s gonna be a bad day. I leave the door ajar and I sit down in front of my desktop, the reception desk is just a few meters from me. I hear people talking. Small talks between women. I recognize Luisa’s voice: she has been working here for years and she always smiles at me every time she greets me in the morning. I get closer and peek carefully from behind the door. I have no idea who the other woman is, I can see her back. Perhaps I bumped into her in the elevator or maybe at the traffic light while waiting to cross the road. They are talking about trees, about having a green thumb or being lucky. The stranger’s voice is warm and deep as if coming from the gut.
My cell phone is ringing, I don’t answer, I must succeed in seeing her face.
Maybe it’s important…. ok, let’s answer the call… Damn! Too late… that’s fine, I don’t mind.
Let’s rather go back to the door…Damn! She’s gone away! I fling the door open and I must have a puzzled expression on my face as Luisa stops smiling and asks me in a concerned voice: “What happens?”
I am rather embarrassed to ask here about that woman and to tell her I was seduced by her voice.
“See if you can move up my second appointment, please”.

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