Drops - Perceptions

Drops – Perceptions

by Katia Ceccarelli

I have my nose in the air. It’s true and I am proud of it. But this is true in the literal sense of the word, as I hate being amid bad odors. Actually I even hate any single odor. The perception of a bad odor can spoil my day as it could evoke equally unpleasant experiences, whether true or simply imagined.
The fight against disturbing odors is one of the tasks of my everyday life.
For example: the dinner that smelled delicious the evening before turns into a lack of air and memory the day after: “What did we cook yesterday?”
In my search for the ideal environment I cannot do without incense or scented sticks, lamps and potpourri, all of them completely natural, woe is me if I use spray air freshener.
The fragrance I use must eliminate the odor without covering it up and without being too strong. 
Russian winter or Mediterranean breeze? The salesgirl in front of me is recommending these two antipodal alternatives but, having an extremely sensitive nose I perfectly know the original versions of both: Russian winter, my dear lady, actually smells like stewed cabbage, onion, kerosene and vodka, while the Mediterranean breeze, for example in Greece, smells like stone heated by the sun, it’s a dry fragrance with a note of rosemary and a background scent of hurriedly manufactured plumbing.
Considering how I am feeling today, let me say, I would need a little bit of “childhood air”. Is it available right now or shall I place an order?

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