Drops - Experimentation

Drops – Experimentation

by Katia Ceccarelli

I’d better have a look on the internet, you can find everything there, and at least for once I’ll be looking for something I really need.
My mum persists in using the smelly creams recommended by her dermatologist, but my situation is really serious, I am in an emergency, I mean, we are talking about my social life which is at risk of being non-existent.
There are loads of makeup tutorials, there must be one in Italian! I can’t understand anything in English: what the hell is a primer? And what’s a foundation?
I knew I had to put more effort into studying foreign languages.
Now, here there is a girl with a pimply face showing how to cover up pimples.
Poor girl, she is in such a bad state! It takes 16 minutes for her to put on her makeup.. what time am I supposed to wake up in the morning to do the same? What’s she doing? .. er.. She is painting stripes on her face and now she is “contouring”.
I can’t go to school like that, I’m just a guy with acne and I don’t wanna go out with foundation on my face! I think I’ll go for grandma’s home remedy: sulfur soap!

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