Drops - Illusions

Drops – Illusions

by Katia Ceccarelli

All is not lost! Many people say that gardening is good for body, mind and soul, and, for those who do not have a garden, they came up with the balcony gardening.
Two balconies: that’s what I have to test my thaumaturgic ability to deal with plants.
Indoors I have at least three black-thumb-proof houseplants – it says so on the internet, so it must be true – a ficus tree, a trunk of happiness and a pothos plant.
I have bought small containers, fertilizer, sprayers and clay pebbles. This time I will be successful, I know it! I am positive! Even if I am not dealing with the succulent plants my mom gave me during her last visit.
I can already see myself on my balcony A, lying in the shade of a fragrant jasmine plant, and then on my balcony B, taking selfies with a glorious Bougainvillea in the background.
But let me say that we should have a high regard for poor clover: it should be upgraded.

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