A la cart 3/

A la cart 3/

by Manuela Ch

The third illustration from the À la cart series by manuelaCh is dedicated to those who decided to become fruitarian, in other words to those who eat only fruit and nothing else …
With her usual delicate irony manuelaCh tells us about the contemporary eating habits through her illustrations. What a perfect theme to celebrate Expo Milano 2015 showcasing a wide variety of foods from all over the world.

À la cart is the new series of illustrations by manuelaCh intended for our or not magazine readers. The series has been conceived as a list of courses on a customer menu, which can be selected at the discretion of the guest reader.
Each illustration represents a contemporary eating behavior (vegetarianism, veganism, meat-eating-ism, raw foodism, reducetarianism and so on) and wonders not only about the underlying values but also about the deep needs and feelings associated with each of these behaviours.
And here we are, at your own discretion, with a vegan starter full of compassionate tears, with a meditative and peaceful vegetarian first course, with some stubborn boiled pork loin or some sweet “junk food”, desperate and lonely…

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