Drops - Fantasies

Drops – Fantasies

by Katia Ceccarelli

My best friend has chosen me to be the best man at his wedding.
I have to… but I do it just because I care about him, otherwise I wouldn’t put on a suit, I don’t feel like doing it. What is sure, however, is that it won’t be one of those cases where the bride is caught in the sacristy cheating with the best man. She is not a beauty, or anything remotely similar, for goodness sake! It is more likely that they will try to have me get engaged with one of the bride’s sisters or a Bridget Jones! Female singles usually start preparing one month before the wedding, as they consider it a perfect opportunity for finding Mr. Right. Manicure, pedicure, hair removal, hair coloration and all those whatsits they use to improve their appearance, so that, as soon as you take them off, you have a monster in front of you, and not a woman! But, to be honest, the bride has got a quite attractive cousin; with the proper dress and make up, I guess I could give myself to her…, just in case.
We met during the church wedding rehearsal, actually we didn’t talk much, to be honest, she didn’t even look at me.
Will I be able to get rid of belly fat?

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