Drops - Small things

Drops – Small things

by Katia Ceccarelli

I saw it in a store window before my holidays: what a stunning jacket!
It’s ideal to wear in the cool morning air of the city.
Not to mention that pearl-grey dress, appropriate to wear for all the occasions when you need a classy outfit.
I’ll certainly go to that shop, and, while I’m there, I’ll take the opportunity to buy a birthday gift for Marta. That nice girl!
She’s recently been so kind and helpful… maybe that was because she thought that they would renew her labor contract.  But unfortunately that was not the case. Poor her, she really deserves a consolation prize. I’ll buy her a beautiful gift.
What about that electric blue bag? It should be on sale now….. Actually a little bit too formal and expensive as a present, I don’t want her to feel embarrassed, poor Marta.
I must admit that the store also offers beautiful accessories.
What about a nice necklace? Necklaces are quite expensive, to be honest. What about a belt? She hasn’t got a slim waist, has she? And what if I buy the wrong size? I would make her feel fat, poor Marta.
Those expensive and exclusive perfumes made in Capri are also available there. That would be a precious gift, but I don’t know much about her preferences. And what if she doesn’t like it?
Aah, here I am! Finally at the shop! Let’s get in.
– Good morning madam, may I help you?
- Yes please…. um.. uh.. what’s this floral small thing here for?
– It’s a smartphone case. It’s lovely, isn’t it?
- Adorable. I’ll take it. Can you please wrap it? It’s a gift, you know.

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