Drops - Certainty

Drops – Certainty

di Katia Ceccarelli

Sitting in front of an ice cream parlour two mothers are talking about their children who, in the meantime, are playing tag around a light pole.
– My child is already aware… He is able to distinguish between healthy food and junk food – says one of them, fiercely eating a sage-flavoured ice cream cup covered with pine nuts.
– Mine too! Guess what? Last night he asked us to go and eat sushi.
She smiles after licking her yellow pumpkin & elderberry flavoured ice cream cone.
– Did you say ‘sushi’? You won’t believe it, but my little son perfectly knows the difference between hosomaki and uramaki.
-Wow, what a cute boy!
- Yes, definitely yes! You must teach kids good manners, even at a very early age.
– In my home, for example, there is a ban on fried food!
- You really made the right choice.
Two teenagers walk by them, laughing and joking and pushing each other. One of them is holding a steaming hot slice of pizza smelling delicious from a distance.
At this sight and smell the children stop running and start staring at the boy who is eating his greasy and fragrant snack. Their eyes light up.
The boy makes a gesture with his free hand meaning to emphasise the extremely delicious taste of his pizza.
The mother with the sage-flavoured ice cream stands up in a flash and calls her kid:
– Come here immediately! How many times do I have to tell you that you must not trust strangers?
She pulls him with force making him sit near her.
– You are so right! — says the mother eating the pumpkin-flavoured ice cream – Nowadays you cannot let your guard down.


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