Drops - coincidences

Drops – coincidences

by Katia Ceccarelli

It’s seven pm and I have just come home. My shoes are hurting my feet and I have just broken a finger nail. On the kitchen table there’s a bill to be paid, actually I had to pay it today but I forgot it.

In the fridge there are some veggies and an egg carton only. It goes without saying: Omelet with Belgian endives.

The telephone rings. Who can it be? Mom?

Good evening Madam, this is the beauty center “As.beautiful.as.ever”, we are currently promoting some awesome advanced techniques at special prices.

We have a special lifting, rejuvenating and exfoliating facial mask with LED light therapy ……

– Ehm.. sorry, but I am busy at the moment…

– I see madam, but please consider that this is a unique opportunity we are offering to some selected customers only.

– Ok, but I ….

We can make an appointment so you can try one of our treatments: we have the slimming one, the exfoliating, the toning ….

– … Nadia!? Nadia, is that you?
– … Giulia, my dear, what a coincidence!
– You told me you had found a very cool job..

– Ehm, sorry but I have to go. You know, we are always under time pressure.

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