Transcendences - Francesca Manetta - Kamil Vojnar

Transcendences – Francesca Manetta – Kamil Vojnar

Transcendences – Francesca Manetta – Kamil Vojnar, Arsprima stand, MIA Fair Milan
curated by Cristina Gilda Artese

by Alessandro Trabucco

The project Transcendences, curated by Cristina Gilda Artese at MIA, the photography fair in Milan, puts in comparison two artists of different generations and cultures, in spite of having some points in common in the proposed theme. Francesca Manetta and Kamil Vojnar both exhibit images having the feminine figure as absolute main protagonist, represented as winged woman, iconographically recognisable as legendary and fairy figure (the bird-woman) or else supernatural and mystic (angel).


Francesca Manetta, firebird #08


Francesca Manetta, firebird #04


Francesca Manetta, firebird #06


Francesca Manetta, firebird #07

Kamil Vojnar Sleeps like Angel

Kamil Vojnar, Sleeps like Angel

Kamil Vojnar Prayer

Kamil Vojnar, Prayer

Kamil Vojnar Being Angel

Kamil Vojnar, Being Angel


Kamil Vojnar, Angel Dreams

Francesca Manetta, Lombard artist born in 1979, presents a series of photographic images through which she catches the salient moments of the Russian tradition fairy tale The Firebird, whose several versions exist also created in the classic ballet (the most known of which is Les Ballets Russes of Djaghilev of 1910 with Igor Stravinsky’s music).
The artist herself self-portrays in the guise of the legendary and marvellous bird with burning feathers, setting the shots in a luxuriant nature with atmospheres of great suggestion. It is a narrative and interpreting photography, that is a personal rereading of a traditional legend through essential visual elements, that succeed in evoking very well the messages, the feelings and the sensations expressed in it. Including all characters of the fairy tale, Princess Vassilissa, Prince Ivan, the Grey Wolf, the costumes are outstanding, made up by the artist, who studied to the slightest details every single shot, combining in the same person the role of stage designer, costume maker, script-writer, and eventually photographer.
Of different background is the artistic research of Kamil Vojnar, born in Moravia in 1962 and living in Los Angeles.
His images bring us back to a symbolist-style aesthetic, with magic atmospheres, representing feminine creatures who become the emblem of a tie between immanent and transcendent, depository of mysterious and inscrutable messages.
The artist creates out-and-out “visions” where it is no longer possible to distinguish the border between the photographic and the pictorial, but it is rather the manual aspect that confers to each work a particular refinement, a delicacy that emphasizes the sensations of rarefied suspension. The most important aspect of Vojnar’s work is the meticolous planning of each shot, necessarily building a sort of photographic set that is re-elaborated afterwards, in the subsequent digital and manual post-production. His favourite subjects are essentially women and little girls, gentle appearances located in an existential reality that seems to belong to the supernatural and who perform actions anyway immersed in an own evanescent, ethereal and recognisable daily dimension.

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