Drops - Comparison

Drops – Comparison

by Katia Ceccarelli


The niche writer, poet, performer is sitting at a table in a corner, holding the phone with one hand and nervously drumming his fingers on the table with the other hand.

His wife is sitting in front of him, in a snug little black dress, she is busy crocheting: she is creating a pair of postapocalyptic earrings.

Finally his phone call is answered: – Have you seen the review published today? Unbelievable! They misinterpreted everything. Put it in this way, it seems that I have lost the desire to experiment.

Wife, whispering without raising her eyes: – Tell him about the quote.

Husband: — Ah, yes, .. and then there’s the quote, taken out of its original context…. it seems I have lost confidence in young people.

Wife, in a very quiet voice: – The Movement

Husband: – We, the members of the Art and Thought Movement, truly believed in it.

Wife: – The link

Husband: – There is a clear link with the present which gets lost…. All right then, so you will call him, won’t you? They will interview me so that the central theme of the book can be clarified…. Okey-dokey , I wait for your call. Bye.

Have you heard darling? I have given him a piece of my mind! I am nobody’s puppet!

– Well done, darling.

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