Study notes for an artist - by Cristina Gilda Artese

Study notes for an artist – by Cristina Gilda Artese

I have been following the photography of Pietro Broggini for around 5 years.
I’ve known him for about 30.
I categorised the images and chose the most repre- sentative
from the first one sent to the last from June 2013. Broggini loves philosophy, poetry, speed. A great aesthetic sense.
An excellent technical command.
Read Murakami. He loves white.
I would so love to make a monographic work of it. Perhaps an issue of Or not.
Contact the artist for a schedule of work.

Moleskine of Cristina_June 2013

1. Real city
The city by night and the city by day.
The city as a container for travelling souls.
The city as a wound.

Ferita aperta con tentativi di rimarginazione - Pietro Broggini

2. Stairs
Stairs as ascent and descent.
Stairs as entrance and exit.
Stairs as a transit from a lower to a higher level.

Risucchiati 2008 - Pietro Broggini

Shadow as a projection of its own double.
Shadow as a symbol and projection of absence of emotional reference points.
Shadow as an expression and materialization of thoughts.

Di passaggio 2008 - Pietro Broggini

4. Virtual city
The imaginary city as a place of the soul.
The metaphor of colours as a representation of the surreal and oneiric.
In time and space of dream, anything is possible… the ideal city.

Presenza 2008 - Pietro Broggini

5. Light rays
Light as a metaphor of individual spiritual enlightenment.
Light as a representation of the dynamism of thought.
Light as a vital instinct.

Pietrobroggini 2008 - Pietro Broggini

6. The white
White as an aesthetic synthesis of beauty.
White as an aggregate of all colours.
White as the colour of eternity.

Stanza delle certezze ritrovate 2010 - Pietro Broggini

In loving memory of Pietro Broggini

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