There are many moments when Art comes to life.
First of all, in the daily life of each artist, in the artist’s eyes. Soon after in the artist’s imagination, whose hands give shape to the work of Art, this representing the most pregnant, most creative and symbolic act of all. Finally in the viewer’s eyes: by admiring it Art is brought to life again.

Similarly, arsprima — a cultural association for contemporary figurative art – has come to life many times. It was officially founded in July 19th 2007 by collector, talent scout, contemporary philanthropist and lover of Beauty, Cristina Gilda Artese. But actually it was born even earlier, in her eyes, in her heart, through her passion.

Every time arsprima promotes a young artist and makes him or her the protagonist, there it comes to new life. Arsprima is a space where tradition meets innovation, new languages meet new visions of reality, harmony meets beauty. Arsprima believes in young artists and in Art. It organizes exhibitions in public places free of charges, promotes international cultural exchanges, unique events which become laboratories, projects of research, moments of free expression, situations where talented artists can emerge and shine, and established artists can get in touch with new worlds and different perspectives.

Finally arsprima comes to life with its magazine Or Not, where talent blooms on paper, and paper is always unique and peculiar.


Or Not

Or Not is a real artist’s book. A quarterly monographic publication dedicated to the contemporary anomalies of a single young emerging artist, who stood out for creativity, research, commitment and artistic quality.

The artist him/herself shall arrange for the layout of the magazine. This challenging and fascinating task consists in designing the graphics, choosing the materials and illustrations, creating the page layout.

In the pages of Or Not the artists have the opportunity to skilfully mix various arts and disciplines: they combine painting with social interpretation, sculpture with literature, photography with music. They deal with theatre, cinema, daily life. They travel across our past into our future, removing the barriers of reality and leading us to the world of dreams.

All this is living on paper. But Or Not knows the threat of every human expression: here we are with its space 2.0.


Or Not Magazine

Or Not magazine is the digital backstage of the monographic magazine on contemporary anomalies Or Not, although it is not meant to replace it or to be the internet version of the paper number.

Or Not magazine is a dynamic box where you can find the previews of the upcoming release of Or Not. But above all it is a place where you can discover and delve deeper into the issues arsprima has always been interested in. Our keywords? Anomaly, germination, international  and universal intelligibility, interdisciplinarity.

Here we develop and investigate the areas of interest and the subjects to which arsprima has devoted itself for years: nature, light, contemporary culture in all its facets. Always attentively. Always looking for new challenges.

Cristina Gilda Artese has been supporting cultural initiatives for years, in order to foster interdisciplinarity towards a holistic understanding of the contemporary global culture, thus resulting in a blend with literature, contaminations with cinema, theatre, dance, music, science, new technologies. This is why there are special sections called Light, Nature, Stories, More,  and young and passionate researchers and specialists working at them.

In the sections Backstage and Treasure you can find all the news about arsprima’s projects and initiatives, whereas in the other sections Italian and international artists are given particular importance.  This is our vocation ever since: to let artists express themselves on an international stage and to have a global vision of our cultural heritage.

We have chosen not to follow the trends of the moment but instead to look for anomalies that may germinate and become the new trends for the future. This is their space and yours. Welcome!