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Drops - Comparison

Drops – Comparison

by Katia Ceccarelli   The niche writer, poet, performer is sitting at a table in a corner, holding the phone with one hand and nervously drumming his fingers on the table with the other hand. His wife is sitting in front of him, in a snug little black dress, she is busy crocheting: she is […]

Drops - coincidences

Drops – coincidences

by Katia Ceccarelli It’s seven pm and I have just come home. My shoes are hurting my feet and I have just broken a finger nail. On the kitchen table there’s a bill to be paid, actually I had to pay it today but I forgot it. In the fridge there are some veggies and […]

Drops - Certainty

Drops – Certainty

di Katia Ceccarelli Sitting in front of an ice cream parlour two mothers are talking about their children who, in the meantime, are playing tag around a light pole. – My child is already aware… He is able to distinguish between healthy food and junk food – says one of them, fiercely eating a sage-flavoured […]

Drops - Fantasies

Drops – Fantasies

by Katia Ceccarelli My best friend has chosen me to be the best man at his wedding. I have to… but I do it just because I care about him, otherwise I wouldn’t put on a suit, I don’t feel like doing it. What is sure, however, is that it won’t be one of those […]

Drops - Illusions

Drops – Illusions

by Katia Ceccarelli All is not lost! Many people say that gardening is good for body, mind and soul, and, for those who do not have a garden, they came up with the balcony gardening. Two balconies: that’s what I have to test my thaumaturgic ability to deal with plants. Indoors I have at least three black-thumb-proof houseplants – it says […]

Drops - Experimentation

Drops – Experimentation

by Katia Ceccarelli I’d better have a look on the internet, you can find everything there, and at least for once I’ll be looking for something I really need. My mum persists in using the smelly creams recommended by her dermatologist, but my situation is really serious, I am in an emergency, I mean, we […]

Drops - Perceptions

Drops – Perceptions

by Katia Ceccarelli I have my nose in the air. It’s true and I am proud of it. But this is true in the literal sense of the word, as I hate being amid bad odors. Actually I even hate any single odor. The perception of a bad odor can spoil my day as it […]

Drops - Appointments

Drops – Appointments

by Katia Ceccarelli It’s about to rain and, as if this wasn’t enough, I am in a bad mood. As soon as I get to the office I find out that my first appointment has been cancelled and I feel like today’s gonna be a bad day. I leave the door ajar and I sit […]

Drops - Certainties

Drops – Certainties

by Katia Ceccarelli I wake up at a quarter to six. I have to, if I want to take the 7 o’clock bus; in the morning I want to take my time to get properly dressed and to put on makeup perfectly and then I need a quarter of an hour to revise and check […]

Drops - lack

Drops – lack

by Katia Ceccarelli Our mind is always focused on what we lack. When you realize you have forgotten something, well, at this very moment, as never before, this something seems to be essential. A pair of earrings that you could have matched with that dress, but you have no idea where they are, they could […]