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LIGHT LINE_station one. Pietro Broggini_Idroscalo

LIGHT LINE_station one. Pietro Broggini_Idroscalo

LIGHT LINE_ the line of light: a path of contemporary art to explore the Parco Sud (South Park) in Milan Beginning on July the 12th with a solo exhibition of Pietro Broggini, the artist who died prematurely in June 2013, the exhibition’s path dedicated to light presents a number of exponents of Italian and international […]

Pietro Broggini solo exhibition

Pietro Broggini solo exhibition

European Festival of Photography 2014 Reggio Emilia (Italy) arsprima is taking part with Il pensiero bianco_the white thought by Pietro Broggini arsprima takes part with the solo exhibition dedicated to the artist Pietro Broggini, killed in a motorcycle crash in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) last June 2013, in the OFF circuit of the European Festival […]

“Skylines over me”: the event conference, Milan January 13th 2014

A special event for a special exhibition. The event conference that took place in Milan last January 13th as part of the solo photography exhibition “Skylines over me” by Pietro Broggini, has been a great success. In terms of participation, content, emotions. There were many special guests: Cristina Tajani, council member of the Comune di […]

“Skylines over me”, Pietro Broggini – Milan, December 22nd, 2013-January 24th, 2014

Photo credits Kristina Bychkova

Study notes for an artist - by Cristina Gilda Artese

Study notes for an artist – by Cristina Gilda Artese

I have been following the photography of Pietro Broggini for around 5 years. I’ve known him for about 30. I categorised the images and chose the most repre- sentative from the first one sent to the last from June 2013. Broggini loves philosophy, poetry, speed. A great aesthetic sense. An excellent technical command. Read Murakami. […]