Or Not 11 - Pietro Mancini

Or Not 11 – Pietro Mancini

This issue number 11 of OR NOT, or rather 1+1, is a special one. Indeed, it deals not only with artist Pietro Mancini but also with OFFICINA TOM, an artist collective of which Mancini has been the artistic director for some years and which is formed by some users of the day-care centers of the […]

Or Not 10 - Silvia Trappa

Or Not 10 – Silvia Trappa

In the issue number 10 of Or not we talk about sculpture but also about portraiture and the differences between realistic and psychological portrait through the work of Italian sculptress Silvia Trappa. Over the last few years Silvia Trappa, our protagonist, has been dividing her time between Japan and Italy and Japan has undoubtedly left […]

Or Not 9 - Annalisa Pirovano

Or Not 9 – Annalisa Pirovano

This issue number 9 is entirely dedicated to painting, and we do that by dedicating it to Annalisa Pirovano. The works of this Italian painter seem to be frames from the many movies stored in her intellectual and visual database and the human figure has always been the primary subject matter for her art. This […]

Or Not 8 - Silvia Serenari

Or Not 8 – Silvia Serenari

Esotericism, alchemy, magic and symbols. It is no coincidence that this issue number 8 of Or not is dedicated to Silvia Serenari, an Italian artist whose work is predominantly characterized by the timelessness of her visions; eight is also the infinity symbol, the celestial eight, which becomes “unifying and organizing principle of all levels” of […]

Or Not 7 – Enrico Pantani

Or Not 7 – Enrico Pantani

There are two key words that run through this historic period like a common thread: madness and neurosis. The first one occurs in humans who cannot adapt to the world they live in, the second is suffering, behavioural disorders dictated by instincts and crashed dreams. Enrico Pantani is a fool who paints neurotics. Or Not […]

Or Not 6 - Sara Magni

Or Not 6 – Sara Magni

Truer than fiction. More authentic than any depicted reality. Witness of life, without any reality’s pretension. Or Not 6 is dedicated to Sara Magni e her photographs. She is an artist who loves to manipulate reality so as to construct another plane of existence and to give the spectator the perception of finding oneself in the […]

Or Not 5 - Alessandro Giordani

Or Not 5 – Alessandro Giordani

Are we islands or human beings? So near to each other, and yet so far.. Is our loneliness so thick and real? Or Not 5 is dedicated to Alessandro Giordani, in whose work superficiality of relationships and loneliness have taken centre stage and through which he expresses his social criticism. Carolina Lio takes us into […]

Or Not 4 - Emanuela Bartolotti

Or Not 4 – Emanuela Bartolotti

To be an artist. Is it a human condition or a lifestyle choice? Or Not 4 is dedicated to Emanuela Bartolotti, set designer, photographer, but above all a woman to whom doing art is the essential meaning of her own life. As Nila Shabnam Bonetti puts it, there is an unbreakable bond between art and […]

Or Not 3 - Silvia Meis

Or Not 3 – Silvia Meis

“The forms of Nature are always perfect, whatever they look like in their slow process of creation.” Or Not 3 is dedicated to Silvia Meis and her sculptures. A three-dimensional, never prosaic report about the perpetual and sinuous metamorphosis of Nature, that weaves together History with Mythology, Life with Death. In Alessandro Trabucco’s words we […]

Or Not 2 - Giuliano Sale

Or Not 2 – Giuliano Sale

What do Joy Division, small bodies, giant heads and portraits that are entire universes have in common? To us, everything. Or nearly. The second issue of Or Not is dedicated to Giuliano Sale, a painter who uses music as an additional brush to paint strong dark portraits (and not only). Although the atmosphere becomes dimmer, […]